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30th June, 2011
Facebook page for Pedleyonline

You may have noticed that Facebook pages have really weird URLs, something like facebook.com/profile.php?id=767842914. The problem with those URLs is that they are impossible to remember, can’t be shared easily and are not descriptive.

Facebook Vanity URLs solve this problem. A vanity URL is a custom URL which you can assign to your page and they can contain a descriptive, easy to remember name, for example your business name. For Pedleyonline we’ve selected www.facebook.com/pedleyonline

For business pages the option of assigning a Facebook Vanity URL only becomes available to you once you have 25 or more people ‘like’ your page.

Some advantages of a Facebook Vanity URL:

  • Make your page easier to find
  • Easier to remember and share
  • Make your page more professional-looking
  • Increase your Facebook page’s SEO value
Pedleyonline Facebook Vanity URLs