Ensign Roof Transform Their Website

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23rd May, 2016

Ensign Conservatory Roof Solutions have just completed another conversion but this time it’s not a roof, it’s a conversion to their website!

The new version is a responsive / mobile friendly website which means it can be viewed and navigated easily from any device and the content dispalys according to the type of device being used.

The content from the previous version of the Ensign Roof website, which was developed before an emphasis was placed on responsive frameworks, was safely transported over to the posh new flexible website structure. The Ensign Roof logo was revisited and given a facelift whilst still retaining it’s identity. The new site was enhanced with photographs of recent installations and a brand new Proejcts Gallery added.


The Projects Gallery consists of more than 20 case studies of completed Ensign Roof installations. Each case study includes accompanying text and a collection of images.

Ensign Roof are a valued, long-standing Pedleyonline customer and we work in partnership with them to develop and improve their web presence which has benefits for both prospective customers and is excellent for Google too.