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11th August, 2012
Puppy Bandana New Website

It was an itch we felt we really needed to scratch…

Having helped so many other small businesses set up shop and bravely enter the world of e-commerce Pedleyonline decided to em-BARK on a pet project of their own.

Having fallen completely in love with our ‘Cute New Recruit’ Ellie, the most adorable cocker spaniel ever, we decided to combine our love of dogs with our web design and SEO skills and give that itch a damn good scratch!

But why take the easy route? As well as developing an online shop, a brand design and also being faced with standing in the shadows of the mountain that is a decent Google ranking we decided we’d get super creative and actually manufacture the product ourselves! Have we bitten off more than we can chew?

Puppy Bandana E-Commerce Website

This week sees the launch of new e-commerce website www.puppybandana.co.uk – the home of quirky fun fashion for puppies and dogs. Puppy Bandana supply puppy and dog bandanas handmade here in the UK in a wide range of colours and designs.

The website shows both bandana fabric designs and various doggy bandanas modelled by Puppy Bandana customers who have embraced our ‘Wear and Share’ initiative and joined the Puppy Bandana Gallery.

Puppy Bandana E-Commerce Website

Current dog scarf designs include, Union Jack Dog Bandanas, Cupcakes, Hello Sailor, Red Spotty Hanky,Liquorice Allsorts, Meadow Flowers and many more. New and seasonal designs will be added to the range over the coming weeks along with new pet accessories to compliment the range. Puppy and dog bandanas come individually wrapped in simple yet attractive puppy bandana packaging and make a perfect gift. They are easy to fit, come in two sizes and they are adjustable.

The website includes a homepage, about us, bandana shop, gallery, size guide, dog safety, care guidelines, shipping, wholesale, contact us and a sitemap. We’ll also be regularly updating the site via our Puppy Bandana Blog Spot (powered by WordPress), used in conjuction with social media. Here we will announce new designs, products, tips, tricks, interesting facts, dog related celebrity gossip and dogs in the news as well as discounts, special offers and competitions.

Visit www.puppybandana.co.uk and show your support on Facebook and Twitter

Puppy Bandana E-Commerce Website

So, what are we hoping to achieve?

We’ll be spending many satisfying hours on the serger / sewing machine and also some very frustrating ones too! Shopping sprees for great new fabrics. Product and brand development. All great experience and development which will maybe pave the way for other future projects in the Pedley Empire (Pedley Enterprises Ltd?) Hopefully we’ll sell a few bandanas and the world of dog fashion will be all the better for our contribution. We may even make a small profit!

The other added benefits are that we can gain some real experience of what it’s like to be ‘out there’. We already run a reasonably successful web design and SEO business that we’re proud of and we’ve learnt so much in the development of Pedleyonline and continue to do so but our business model and industry is often quite different to that of our customers. More experience, of a different kind, can only be a good thing.

We’re against animal testing at Pedleyonline but Puppy Bandana will be our little guinea pig! We can try things out without the constraints of our customer’s requirements and if we find something great that works for us we can share it with them and help them improve their websites. Generally this will be the introduction of new functionality and SEO techniques – anything we feel makes the website more effective in achieving success for our business and those of our customers.

Just like everyone else out there on the ‘World Wide Web’ we want to reach the dizzy heights of page 1 on Google. It’ll be interesting to see what we have to do to get there from a stand still. A brand new business, a recently purchased, completely unestablished domain name, initially a small amount of content, and

without the use of any extortionate advertising fees such as yell.com or pay per click optimisation. We’ll play the game Google’s way adding new, unique, high quality content regularly, using the SEO techniques we know of and experimenting all the time with new ones too.

Puppy Bandana E-Commerce Website

A few questions for you…Pedleyonline’s Customer Survey
(we made this Multi-choice to make it easy for you)

Question 1.
How satisified are you with the lengths that Pedleyonline will go to to help you achieve success with your online presence?
Choose your answer:
A. Satisfied
B. Very Satisfied
C. Pedleyonline have gone the extra mile for me!

Question 2.
Have you shown your support for Pedleyonline and Puppy Bandana by visiting www.puppybandana.co.uk?
Choose your answer:
A. Yes, I love what you’ve done!
B. Not yet but it’s my next stop!
C. I’m already wearing my bandana and planning an e-commerce venture of my own!

Question 3.
Do you ‘Like’ Pedleyonline* and Puppy Bandana on Facebook and do you follow us on Twitter?
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Question 4
Do you have a dog or know someone who owns a dog?
Choose your answer:
A. Yes I do!
B. Don’t be silly, everyone knows someone with a dog!

Question 5.
Have you ordered a dog bandana from www.puppybandana.co.uk yet?
Choose your answer:
A. Yes
B. Not yet but it’s my next stop!

Question 6.
Do you need a website or do you have an existing website that needs attention / optimisation? and do you want to work with a web design company that really takes pride in what it does?

If Yes, then there really is only one answer….

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