Clifford's Model Decals and Spares

Clifford’s Model Decals and Spares Website

Clifford’s Model Decals and Spares is a WordPress / Woocommerce online shop selling waterslide transfer and decals and replacement model and toy spares. Brands include Dinky, Hornby O Gauge, OO Gauge, Matchbox, Corgi, and French Corgi. The website is responsive/mobile-friendly which means it is accessible from mobile phones and devices.

WooCommerce allows products to be categorised and there is also a search facility. Each product has a featured image and further supporting images, product description, price, quantity, product variations displayed in a drop-down if applicable, and the all-important ‘add to basket’ button.

The Shop Owner can add, remove, and amend products at any time. WooCommerce handles stock control, payment via PayPal which includes debit and credit cards, and all customer communication such as order confirmation emails, invoices/receipts.

Clifford already sells his handmade spares and transfers successfully on eBay but wanted to set up something alongside this to build up an independent sales platform. We have replicated some of the many positive feedback reviews over to the new website to form a customer testimonials/reviews page.

The early stages of the project included creating branding and logo designs for the new website and helping to identify and secure an appropriate domain name. Pedleyonline also provides SSL Web Hosting.

Whilst adding products to the shop we used photoshop to re-size and adjust many of the product images. Following the go-live date, more products have been added to the site and there has been a gradual increase in sales.

The website also includes ancillary pages such as privacy policy, shipping and returns, and a guide to the application of waterslide transfers.

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