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16th April, 2017

Central England Horseboxes has pushed ahead of the competition with a posh new responsive / mobile friendly website.

The new site can be easily viewed and navigated using all types of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The type of device being used is detected automatically and the website displays accordingly. Shopping for a horsebox is likely to be something that’s done on the move so there’s a strong possibility that a mobile device may be used and CEH wanted to give their customers the best possible experience.

Inline with Google’s recommendations for sites being held on a secure server, Central England Horseboxes have transferred to our Premium Hosting Package which is inclusive of a secure SSL Certificate.  An SSL certificate will help protect customers, help protect you, help you to gain your customers trust and sell more.

Central England Horseboxes website

Whilst revisiting the website, Central England Horseboxes took the opportunity to make a few extra enhancements. Their logo has been tweaked with use of a more contemporary font and the updated version is in use on the new website.  Also the website content has been re-organised and improved.

Horsebox listings are comprehensive and informative and include several images in a lightbox format. They can be filtered by price range, size or latest hoseboxes for sale.

CEH have the facility to add, amend or delete horsebox listings themselves as the site has been developed using a content management system (WordPress)

Equestrian Website Design

Ancilliary pages include Frequently Asked Questions, Reviews, Terms and Conditions, A guide to buying a horsebox, About CEH, which details the experience and background of Kidderminster based Horsebox Dealers, Central England Horseboxes, along with the services they provide which includes warranty and finance.

CEH use social media platforms Facebook (2,901 Likes – Good work!) and Twitter to engage with customers and enhance their advertising potential. Please race online to their new responsive website at www.centralenglandhorseboxes.co.uk