Central Bearings & Transmissions

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1st May, 2015

Central Bearings and Transmissions are a local, Redditch based engineering company who wanted to develop an online presence and sales support tool for their customers and workforce.

They did not have an existing website and realised the importance of getting their business online. We worked with their existing distinctive logo and integrated it into the website design. Their strategy was to start with something small and simple and develop and expand the site over time, adding content and value.

The site features, a horizontal navigation menu, basic on-page optimisation, a secure online contact form, information about products, services and stock management.

Central Bearings New Website

Pedleyonline are always keen to work with their existing customers to develop their websites further to ensure they get the very best results from them. We are always available to make suggestions and discuss ideas.

visit – centralbearings.com