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Sit back, relax, we’re going to keep this simple and light-hearted. Our aim is to keep you moderately entertained whilst hopefully relaying useful and interesting information to you. Basically we just want to waffle on about stuff and what better excuse than a blog?!

Pedleyonline joins Facebook

25th May, 2011

Go easy on us please…..we’re new here!

Pedleyonline has taken brave new steps recently and ventured onto Facebook. Read more

Redstone Renewables New Website

9th May, 2011

Bromsgrove based Redstone Plumbing and Heating now offer renewable energy solutions. Read more

A.M. Contract Curtain Services Website

4th May, 2011

A.M.Contract Curtain Services provide soft furnishings, curtains, blinds, floor coverings and upholstery to many clients in the hospitality, office and care sectors. Read more

Ingram Builders New Website

25th April, 2011

Ingram Builders are a well established Bromsgrove based builders with almost 30 years experience in the building trade. They also specialise in patterned and block paving. Read more

Volcanic Experiences New Website

9th April, 2011

Thanks to Volcanic Experiences all the staff at Pedleyonline (both of us!) are now yearning for a holiday! Read more

EZ-Backup now online

25th March, 2011

Busy times here at Pedleyonline but we’re not complaining. Another new website hot off the press for EZ-Backup, an e-commerce website advertising and selling a small number of services with payments collected using Paypal. Read more

Picture Perfect Bromsgrove

18th March, 2011

Our latest project completed and online this week is for Picture Perfect of Bromsgrove. The site includes an online price list for hair, nails and beauty for local hairstylist and beautician Melanie Bennett. Read more

We’ve done some shopping around for you…

16th March, 2011

Personally, if we need to call in the experts for something we either take a recommendation from a friend, if ones available, or jump on the internet and look someone up. Read more

Mobile Quad Hire in Bromsgrove

7th March, 2011

We launched a brand new website this week for a Bromsgrove based entrepreneur with a new and exciting venture, Mobile Quad Hire. Read more

Bromsgrove based Nicklin Group Website

4th March, 2011

Nicklin Group advertise just some of their extensive stock on the website and use it to market their services, manager specials, runarounds and to drive home the message that with their help buying vans is made easy! Read more

SJD Electrical Services Website goes live

11th February, 2011

This week sees a brand new Pedleyonline website go live for Bromsgrove based SJD Electrical Services Ltd. Read more

4th February, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the launch of another new website brought to you by Bromsgrove based Pedleyonline. This time a it’s rather self-indulgent personal project Read more

It’s Launch Day!

21st January, 2011

Hello and welcome to Pedleyonline’s first official blog!

Launch day is finally here and as well as the blog we’re very excited to see our new and improved Pedleyonline web site is up and running! On Schedule and within Budget! Read more

Do I really need a website?

31st December, 2010

Yes – even if your business is small you should still have a website. Your business may centre around products or services that you don’t think can be sold online – so do you need a website? Read more