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Sit back, relax, we’re going to keep this simple and light-hearted. Our aim is to keep you moderately entertained whilst hopefully relaying useful and interesting information to you. Basically we just want to waffle on about stuff and what better excuse than a blog?!

Brian Pedley New Website

4th February, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the launch of another new website brought to you by Bromsgrove based Pedleyonline. This time a it’s rather self-indulgent personal project Read more

It’s Launch Day!

21st January, 2011

Hello and welcome to Pedleyonline’s first official blog!

Launch day is finally here and as well as the blog we’re very excited to see our new and improved Pedleyonline web site is up and running! On Schedule and within Budget! Read more

Do I need a website

Do I really need a website?

31st December, 2010

Yes – even if your business is small you should still have a website. Your business may centre around products or services that you don’t think can be sold online – so do you need a website? Read more