Can I use the same design on a web site in the future?

Yes of course you can and you’ve come to the perfect place because at Pedleyonline we can not only help with design work but we can also help you to get online. We’ll ensure that your company brand is applied consistently to all of your stationery and your web site portrays a really professional image for your business.If you intend to get a web site we’d recommend you make us aware of this as soon as possible and especially if you’re considering getting some stationery designed and printed.Although the website needn’t come first it’s always a good idea to check availability and secure a domain name (web address) before going to print on a business card or similar. If the domain name is not available you may be able to reconsider your company name for something that is.

On the positive, if your chosen domain is available you can include the web address on your new literature and save on future design and print costs.

Whilst your web site is awaiting completion we can always help with a simple holding page.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions relating to Domain Names for more information and if you’re considering a web site try The Pedley Guide.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions