Can I update my website myself?

Depending on the type of website you have you may be able to make minor changes yourself.

At Pedleyonline we offer different types of sites, some of which can be updated by the business owner and others that can only be updated if you have reasonable knowledge of HTML coding.  In most cases unless you’ve specifically asked us to design a website for you to update yourself, you’d need to ask us to make updates for you.  In these cases we’d recommend you Contact Us to discuss your needs.

If you’ve asked us to help you develop a website that you can update yourself then it’s most likely that we will have developed your website in WordPress.  Once the site is ready for launch we’ll hold a short, informal training session with you to show you how to make updates.  You can still ask us to make changes for you if necessary however we will obviously have to charge for the time they take to complete.

The other instance is an e-commerce website where you would have the ability to make certain product changes yourself, such as price amendments, availability of goods etc.  Again, we’ll make sure we show you the ropes so you’re confident at making these simple changes yourself at your convenience.

Where we are making updates on your behalf, to save time (and money!) on your updates we recommend you send any new information via-email or by using Dropbox. However we can scan any photos and manually type documents if you need us to.

When you are deciding what type of website you need you should consider the frequency of updates, the type of updates and also your time, availability and competence when it comes to making these changes yourself.  It may be best to leave it to the experts.  We’ll  ensure your website is kept in tip-top shape and ready for business while you concentrate on running your business!
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