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28th March, 2017

A new website for repeat customer, Brotherton Accountants.  Redditch based Brotherton Accountants have again partnered Pedleyonline to re-imagine their accountancy and business advice website. 

Their existing website was very successful and they had used it extensively, making updates and creating regular news items. However it made perfect business sense to invest in a new and improved website with a wide screen layout and responsive / mobile friendly framework.  They also took the opportunity to make the site more contemporary in design.

Brotherton Accountants Redditch

The Brotherton website has been developed in content management system, WordPress, which means Brotherton Accountants are in control of making their own updates, the majority of which will be news items.  The content from the existing Brotherton website was replicated in the new environment however the new layout means it is fresher and more spacious which in turn makes it easier to read. Elements of the content included financial tables and complex text and data which needed to be simple to interpret and of course mobile friendly.  This has been achieved by integrating responsive tables where appropriate.

Accountants Website West Midlands

The new responsive / mobile friendly design means the site is easier to navigate, particularly from mobile devices.  Widescreen images have been introduced, a horizontal navigation menu and a contextual menu on the left.

Website content includes extensive online resources including links to downloadable pdf documents and links to relevant and reputable 3rd party websites e.g. HMRC, an online quote form and secure online enquiry forms.

Brotherton Accountants in Redditch

As well as their website, Brotherton Accountants are active on social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and links to these can also be found on the website.

A comprehensive, informative, professional and active web presence makes Brotherton Accountants website the place to go and indeed Brotherton Accountants the people to seek out for professional accountancy and business advice.  We’re so impressed with their website that we decided to enlist their services ourselves.

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