Bromsgrove Builders Refurbishment Work

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24th February, 2012
Bromsgrove Builders Website

Having undergone a minor refurbishment I am pleased to announce that the scaffolding has now been taken down to reveal the new improved and freshly renovated Bromsgrove Builders website

The website has benefitted from a refresh rather than a rebuild. A few tweaks to the branding coupled with a change of name from Bromsgrove Home Improvements to the more memorable and possibly more search engine friendly Bromsgrove Builders.

We’ve also completed some site optimisation work, some subtle changes here and there to keep Google satisfied (for now) and improve those rankings.

Bromsgrove Builders are also now on Facebook and Twitter!

Bromsgrove Builders Website

New business cards have been designed in line with the new name and new look branding and they are in print as we speak!

It’s not always about building something new – maintenance is important.