Billy Baker Art Website

Billy Baker Art Website

Original artwork and stylish, high quality prints for sale via the new Billy Baker e-commerce website.

Whilst this is essentially a simple e-commerce website it also contains a detailed Bio from the artist about his background, inspiration and techniques, a licensing page and a secure online enquiry form

The Homepage has striking images, welcome text, a horizontal navigation menu and links to social media, Facebook and Twitter which have been styled to match the website and will be used to

further promote Billy’s work and to draw people to his website.

Artwork and Prints are displayed in an online gallery of thumbnail images displaying Billy’s vibrant portfolio leading to a further page dedicated to each piece and providing more information and the ability to purchase online.

PayPal handles all aspects of the transaction safely and securely.

Domain name registration, web hosting and mailboxes have all been organised by Pedleyonline on behalf of Billy Baker.

Read more about Billy Baker Art on our web design and SEO news page: Billy Baker Art

“We were very confident in choosing Pedleyonline above all other professional website designers for many reasons, including their glowing testimonials, competitive quote and highly impressive portfolio. However it was Brian’s friendly, approachable and easy manner that clinched it and the fact that he was so enthusiastic, listened to us and knew exactly what we wanted. We had no previous experience and initially found the thought of developing a new website to showcase Billy’s art a bit daunting. Brian was brilliant and he has artistic flair, extensive knowledge and experience and was extremely helpful in suggesting new ideas. He worked hard to capture exactly what we wanted and produced a truly fantastic website that we are very proud of. We are also safe in the knowledge that he provides an excellent ongoing service support which is also so important.”

Billy & Wendy