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18th January, 2014
Billy Baker Art Website

The new Billy Baker website offers original artwork and stylish, high quality prints for sale. Billy Baker is a contemporary artist based in Bromsgrove

and the website showcases his exciting, vibrant images displayed on a simple, clean backdrop so as not to detract from the artwork itself.

We worked closely with the artist and Wendy his agent to ensure the design and styling complimented the spirit and style of his work.

The website was built using WordPress and consists of the following pages and is completely expandable. Whilst it is essentially a simple e-commerce it also contains a detailed Bio from the artist about his background, inspiration and techniques.

The Billy Baker Homepage has striking images, welcome text, a horizontal navigation menu and links to social media, Facebook and Twitter. Images also provide further navigation to the artwork and prints section of the site.

Billy Baker Art Website

Billy Baker Bio – images of Billy Baker himself, a bio and a personal statement

Artwork and Prints pages – an online gallery of thumbnail images displaying Billy’s vibrant portfolio leading to a further page dedicated to each piece

and providing more information and the ability to purchase online.

Licensing – information surrounding licensing, commissions and exhibitions

Contact – a secure online enquiry form and contact information for both the artist and the artist’s representative.

The Artwork and Prints sections of the website display all work in thumbnails in a gallery format however when selected each thumbnail links to an individual page. Each of these pages displays a large version of the artwork accompanied by information, size and cost including a drop-down to select size and format for prints and an add to cart button. Upon purchase, PayPal handles all aspects of the transaction safely and securely.

The website has been built using good on-page optimisation techniques.

Facebook and Twitter have been styled to match the website and will be used to

further promote Billy’s work and to draw people to his website.

Domain name registration, web hosting and mailboxes have all been organised by Pedleyonline on behalf of Billy Baker.

Billy Baker Art Website