A lean, mean, cooker fixing machine!

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11th November, 2012

We’re ready for almost any emergency here at Pedleyonline. We don’t want to tempt fate and we’re not hoping to put this to the test too regularly but we do know all sorts of useful people.

It certainly came in handy recently when our oven started misbehaving. Initially we found it an excellent excuse to eat out and to treat ourselves to take-away food but we very quickly found out that this was good for neither our waistlines nor for our bank balance! After just a few days we had to consider an affordable appliance repair.

Fortunately we’d just met Affordable Appliance Repairs. We received a same day service, our cooker was fixed on the first visit and there were no call out charges. Affordable Applicance Repairs does exactly what it says on the tin or should that be their website? At this point you may think you’re reading a customer review for Affordable Appliance Repairs and not hearing about their new website but we just can’t express how impressed we were with the service – let’s hope Affordable Appliance Repairs feel the same way about their website and send in a glowing reference for Pedleyonline – hint hint!

And how did we meet Affordable Appliance Repairs? Well it wasn’t because our cooker packed up, it was because of their website. We suspect many of Affordable Appliance Repairs’ customers will meet them because of their website (and because their cookers packed up!). In our case it was because they wanted us to help them create a website – a lean, mean, lead generating machine for a lean mean cooker fixing machine (or robot!)

So, Affordable Appliance Repairs features a little green robot. You don’t actually get your appliance fixed by a little green robot though you’ll experience similar efficiency. We found this little fella and felt he’d help with the development of the Affordable Appliance Repairs Logo and Branding. We created a vibrant, retro style design and we felt he just added a bit of friendly personality!

The website features a homepage, pages for washing machines repairs, dishwasher repairs, cooker repairs and tumble dryer repairs. Each appliance page includes the manufacturers covered and details of the common faults and symptoms experienced – excellent for search engine optimisation. Other pages include About Us, Contact Us and Customer Reviews.

Affordable Appliance Repairs service and repair cookers, hobs, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers throughout Worcestershire. They fix nearly all brands of appliances and we’ll be working with them to develop their website further over the coming months to spread the word.

And it seems that a Pedleyonline website also does exactly what it says on the tin too because Affordable Appliance Repairs have already met new customers via website enquiries.

So if one of your appliances breaks down, go out for a few pub meals, order a pizza and then go to www.worcestershireappliancerepairs.co.uk. We’d strongly recommend them.

Similarly, if you need a lean, mean, web machine for your business go to www.pedleyonline.co.uk. and you can go for some pub grub and order a pizza first if you feel inclined…